Whether it is a curved staircase of specialty wood, elegant coffered ceilings or meticulously reproduced period moldings that are required, the master carpenters of The Essex Building Company pride themselves on being able to create uniquely appointed custom-built homes, additions and restorations. The art of accomplishment is in the details.

The mission of The Essex Building Company is to provide high quality work for clients looking for unique, unusual and distinctive building projects. Examples include the new construction of an oceanfront French country stone manse, a custom built New England shingle style home,
renovation of a harbor front Mediterranean style villa and the historic preservation of the exterior integrity of the Jeremiah Lee mansion. The craftsmen of The Essex Building Company take care to make the process of turning building plans into finished project as pleasurable, stress-free
and satisfying as possible.

The Essex Building Company can create detailed finish work for both interior and exterior.
Its woodworking shop has the equipment and skilled craftsman to produce curved moldings,
components for intricate millwork projects, match existing molding or create new moldings.
The Essex Building Company also has an inventory of period architectural details, moldings and artifacts available to its clients. Recent specialty mill projects include:

* Curved paneled mahogany library for an oval-shaped room.
* Diner style Australian lace wood, birds eye maple and tiger maple breakfast banquette.
* A dramatic pool house with cathedral ceilings entirely built from Douglas fir.
* Curved paneled mahogany and cherry staircases.

David G. Clarke is a leading expert in both restoration and new building projects. He is a skilled master craftsman who first trained in England as a carpenter and joiner and later became adept in restoring and renovating the detailed and demanding architectural styles of New
England. During the 80s, David undertook a number of historic restoration projects and by the 90s, his work expanded to include specializing in large additions, renovations and distinctive new homes.

David's depth of professional experience with construction management enables him to control costs while competently coordinating all aspects of a renovation or new construction. During his 25 years in business, he has established strong contacts with area contractors and subcontractors
in both carpentry and other building trades, which enable him to deliver complex jobs in a timely fashion. He is adept at helping clients and the design team come up with creative and effective answers to difficult construction and design challenges. David has served as vice chairman
and a member of the Salem Historic Commission and has owned and developed several historic properties in Massachusetts. David and his highly qualified staff are dedicated to giving people value and the level of quality they want. His staff includes master carpenters Kevin Pickett, whose specialty is custom-built stairs, Wade Nielson and Stephen Clinton, whose area of expertise is custom paneling and millwork .

The reward of our job is to leave a finished house, walking away with the knowledge that the work was completed to our high standards, the integrity of the house was respected and the family will be happy in their new home.

David G. Clarke
Founder of The Essex Building Company